Monday, December 25, 2006

A very merry Christmas

What a busy, noisy, exhausting Christmas we've had.

It started off with Christmas Eve Eve with Dan's side of the family. Normally we do Christmas Eve, but his sister and her boyfriend had to go to the Mountains to be with his family this year so we made it a night earlier. They came over at about 2pm with a carload of pressies and food and then cooked a scrumptious roast for dinner, as well as babysitting the kids while Dan and I ducked off to do some last minute shopping! Yay!

The kids had a brilliant evening, especially Dante who played Santa once again. They were thoroughly spoilt, as usual! Atticus was given a tea set by his Auntie, and no other presents got opened that night by him as he was completely taken with his plates, knives, cups and forks. He has wanted to use them at every meal since then, too. The jug causes a bit of a problem... not for him - for us! He wants his milk in that, and then proceeds to pour it everywhere (trying to pour it into his little toy cups). It's very cute, but we quickly learnt our lesson!

Christmas day itself has been just as exhausting, with my side of the family over as well as Grandma and an elderly neighbour, Uncle Ted (who's just turned 93, I believe!)... 7 grandkids + 4 kids + 4 spouses + 3 grandparents + 1 Japanese visitor + Uncle Ted = 20 people!

We hosted it our place - the eating and pressies side of things. The food preparation was done next door at my folks' place, which worked out brilliantly. It's a great excuse to clean the house and it is still in quite a reasonable state, even after the hoardes have left.

The Japanese visitor is my friend Fukuyo, who arrived yesterday morning for a short last-minute trip to Oz. I used to be pen-friends with her from when I was 14 and stayed with her and her family when I was 15 on a school exchange for four weeks. We have kept in touch (but not as often as I should have, on my part) the whole time. She came to visit back in '92 but we haven't seen her since. She is staying next door and will be flying up to visit some other friends in Brisbane on Friday.

Anyway, we are heading off to the South coast tomorrow (Kiama) so I need to pack and other stuff. Merry Christmas!

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