Sunday, December 10, 2006

Three little pigs

We had a really busy day yesterday.

First there was Dante's piano lesson (rescheduled to 10am instead of 11am - the teacher forgot, but managed to fit him in anyway).

Then my niece Lorien's christening. It's a little later than normal - she's almost 15 months old. She and Atticus wouldn't sit still during the church ceremony and ran around all over the place. Thankfully Father David was very understanding and patient - when her parents held her and she started complaining, he said that it was alright to let her down for the moment. Although now we all have a fair understanding of why people get their kids christened at an early age!!

Afterwards we spent the afternoon at my brother's place feasting on the piles of scrumptious food that were presented. Yum. Poor Atti missed out on his midday nap and was completely exhausted by the end of the day.

While we were there Dan and I wandered off to the local car dealership to check out a car that we're keen to buy. I even got to test drive it! How exciting! I've never done that before. I was very nervous about it - the waiver I had to sign said that if any damage was done we'd have to pay $2500 excess, and that's only if it wasn't my fault! But in the end it was okay, and I was very happy with the feel of the car (a Toyota Avensis, 7-seat people mover). The salesman wouldn't give us a definite price, though, so we'll have to shop around.

Anyway, the biggest news of the day was the announcement my brother made... they are keen to buy the same car - because they're expecting their third child as well!! As you know, our number three is due late Feb/early March and my other brother is expecting their second in early April. Now there will be another cousin, due early June! My father was so happy - he exclaimed to me, "10! Uncle Paul can't beat me now. I'm going to ring him tonight." (Uncle Paul, his brother) currently has 8 grandkids).

So that means that next year there will be three little pigs born, unless our little girl comes early (but I'm hoping that she comes on the 17th Feb, my mother's birthday - then she'll be a dog).

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