Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Child Care End-of-Year celebration

A busy day today - start to a busy season, I guess. The silly season!

We had the end of year celebration at Child Care this evening. Instead of the usual "bring a plate" deal, we actually organised to have food provided and charged parents for tickets instead. It worked out really well! There was the usual madness and chaos that always surrounds 30 or more kids under 5 plus parents and siblings. Atticus had a ball at the food table, as he always does, and Dante got to play with his friends from the centre who also have siblings there. It was grand. I organised the desserts (yummy chocolate cake slabs) and we gave a big hamper of baby stuff to the Georgina, the teacher who has just started maternity leave (for whom I was making the quilt).

The funniest part of the evening is always when Santa arrives. Each child receives a book of their parents' choosing. I couldn't believe how well behaved they all were when it came time for the present distribution. They sat down on the mats and most waited very patiently for their name to be called. Of course, some kids started getting anxious as the boxes started emptying... Atticus was incredibly excited - I didn't think he'd understand what was going on! Oh, but how wrong I was. He watched each kid get handed a present, open it and exclaim with delight when they saw the contents. One girl next to him got a "Wiggles" book. He was jumping up and down with anticipation. When Santa finally handed him his present he rushed to me and we quickly opened it. He loved the book that he received. The Director of the Centre knows Dante very well and sneakily kept his present till last - it was so funny watching his reaction! He was pleased with his book, too, and exclaimed that he'd seen this in his school library before. :)

One of the things I loved about Santa was his suit - a groovy inflatable number that has a little fan built-in at the back and fits virtually anyone. Usually he is played by one of the dads and this year was no exception. I always wonder if the kids can pick that it's their father in the costume, but so far the deception has been maintained! Neat.

P.S. Almost forgot to mention that I put a deposit down on the car today. Woot!

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