Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Second quilt almost done!

I worked and worked to try and get this quilt made so that I could present it to the intended recipient. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. The party is tomorrow, and I've only made the quilt top. Oh well - I'll have to give it to her another day.

However, I am so pleased with what I have accomplished to this point! I love the bright colours and fabrics. I thought that it might be a bit too busy, but the more I look at the picture above, the happier I am with the overall colour scheme. What do you think?

The final size is around 3 by 4 feet, so it is a cot or lap quilt. I've got a groovy backing fabric - white with coloured dots - and the binding will be a turquoise colour. I can't wait to finish it!


annalise said...

beautiful quilt!!! i wish i can be more crafty.

hi jen, this is my first time here. :)

Christina said...

Well Done!!! You should be very proud of your self :-)

Maybe take it in to show her and say she'll get it when its finished

Anonymous said...

Well done Jen, that looks like a lot of work.

I am definitely going to try to be more productive with my time from now on.

evelyn said...

woohoo accomplishment!

well done.

Jen said...

Thanks for all your nice comments, guys!