Saturday, December 02, 2006

Six months! Three to go!

Wow, the time has flown by. Today I am officially six months pregnant, with only three more to go before our family size increases by one!

Today was a day of wallowing. This morning we drove out to King Point (or is it King's Point??) for a swim at the beach. A gorgeous secluded spot with a view out to Hammond and Wednesday Islands. The water was warm and calm. It's only about 2 feet deep and stays that way until about 50m out where there is a bit of a reef or rocks, or so I'm told. We had the place to ourselves until a couple of other families turned up. A great place for the kids - as long as you don't let them go too close to the mangroves on either side, and keep to the open water (crocodiles!). I could imagine my boys having a grand time splashing about and playing in the sand.

Afterwards we drove down to Cable Bay at the back of the island, facing south. Looked at some ruins from WWII and then came back for lunch. Found out that the pool filter is broken! But after going for a walk around the "town" here (just a couple of blocks, really) I was completely zonked and went in for a swim anyway. Ahh... so nice. It was like taking a tepid bath - again, the kids would have loved it. {sigh}

How I miss them.

The only down side to all the lovely floating around in water is coming out! It was like I'd put on a lead suit - I could really feel the weight of this bubba. She'd better not get too big!!

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