Sunday, March 21, 2010

Red in the morning, red in the evening

It was nearly 35°C today. Nearly a third of the way through Autumn! Too hot to do much of anything, unfortunately. Although I did have 9 children (6 of whom were 5 and under) in my care for a short while. It was, amazingly, stress- and chaos- free. The wonders of heat exhaustion and computers to keep kids quiet.

And just because it was so amazing, I have to share today's sunrise and sunset. The morning glow was a deep crimson-scarlet red that I have never seen in the sky before which rapidly turned orangey-red as the sun crept above the horizon.

At the other end of the day the clouds were sparkling, glowing as the sun went to bed. Simply spectacular. If only I'd been at a better angle to capture it. And had a better camera!

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