Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bakin' time again

Last year I got busy making cup cakes for the annual child care cake stall. Tomorrow it's on again! I've been busy all night making banana cup cakes with cream cheese frosting and a new recipe - Chocolate Mud Cupcakes from this book.

As an aside, have you heard of BetterWorldBooks? A great place to buy books online - new or used. Good prices, excellent shipping fee and to top it all off, part of the takings (maybe all of them?) go towards funding world literacy.

Sorry, no pictures tonight. I'm so tired I can barely stand up. Icing these guys will have to wait for the morning.

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A Sydney Foodie said...

Neat idea! Someone told me about bookmooch.com, where you can send books to others to gain credits, and then get books sent to you. Not as neat as supporting the improvement of literacy.