Friday, March 12, 2010

The wedding clothes dilemma

Dan's sister is getting married in two weeks' time. It's all very exciting. We're heading off to the venue for the rehearsal tomorrow morning. Elora is going to be a very cute flower girl.

Our problem, then, is our boys! What do I dress them in? Dan suggested just putting nice shirts on them, but with jeans? You can't wear jeans to a wedding! And shoes? You can't wear sneakers/dunlop volleys.

So I'm thinking about hiring suits for them. There's not really any point actually buying outfits, is there? This is about the only time they'll wear them before they outgrow them. Suits AND shoes. I have no idea about the cost... but then again, this is our last major wedding in the family so it's worth the effort, right?


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Jaime said...

I would have thought a nice dress shirt and Jeans would have sufficed. That said for family it can be tricky.

I do know an individual who wore sneakers to our wedding and I wasn't the least offended.