Monday, March 01, 2010

The tyrant mother

Hello there world. It's me again.

I know it's been a while. I'm sorry. I've missed you, blog. I've been meaning to write, honest.

The post title? Well, it's how I feel sometimes. How I felt after bedtime tonight. I feel like I'm constantly yelling at the kids. Especially that eldest boy who's big enough to argue back. Which causes me to get mad. And yell more. It's a rapidly descending spiral to the depths of... something dark and deep.

I had a great big long whingeing, whining post written in my head earlier. That's where most of my posts get written and unfortunately stay, these days. In my head. Luckily for you I'm not going to go there. I know the solution.

But I thought I'd drop in and say "Hi" anyway.

Lots happened in February. And late January. Boy, it's really been quite some time, hasn't it?

Atticus turned 5. And started school. And came off his anti-convulsant meds. All within a week. Actually, the first two on the same day. He has grown up so much that I am completely floored when I think about it. One day I'll write that post.

Elora turned 3! We had a biggish party at home. She was delightful. Now her latest "thing" is writing. She can write her name. I'll write her birthday post too, I hope.

Also, I actually got some crafting done. I made a quilt for the most beautiful Miss Holly who turned 1 on the same day that Elora turned 3. God sisters.

And the rest? Life moves on. Keeps us busy and tired.

Now for some inspiration.

Here's a blog I found today. A beautiful mother of four beautiful Eurasian kids (I'm a sucker for Eurasian kids - can you blame me?). She's happy, talented, quirky and fun. She takes such lovely photographs. And she's so young! It was one of those blogs I just wanted to immediately take in from the start. She's possibly a bit too Christian, but it doesn't come across in her blog. Hey, nobody's perfect. And her faith makes her happy, so who am I to judge? Have a look, anyway, even if it's just to see those gorgeous kiddies.


Mark said...

That's a nice blog you linked to. Hey, i like the Wii chart... we had something similar for the kids when they were younger...

And as for your blog, remember we are always catching the kids being naughty... make sure you catch them being good and let them know. Even the naughiest are probably naughty 10% of the time and good 90%... so give them praise for a good deed, and chances are it will repeated!

Jen said...

Thanks for the advice - as always you speak wisely :)

I will try to remember your words next time I feel like yelling and wait for something to praise instead.

K said...

Even as a part time parent I flip between happy affectionate adult, and strict dragon lady. It's a tough balance, necessary at times otherwise they'd survive on a diet of chips and coke (at least ours would), but it's wrenching and exhausting and it makes you question yourself.

You're not the only one, glad you mentioned the difficult, as well as the good about parenting. You do acknowledge the good about your kids, those updates posts you wrote recently for instance.

Not sure whether arguing back is better or worse than silent sulking and not talking. They're both bad. On the other hand, the sunny bits afterwards when it's all forgotten (by the kids) and you're playing the lego pirate boardgame is pretty good.

(P.S. looking forward to seeing you (hopefully) at easter, want to swap female responsible adult stories? I'd appreciate the perspective)

Rachel said...

Great post... I feel very much like a banshee a lot of time espieically to Mr 3 who runs on his own time clock. Luckily as the previous commenter stated mostky they are good 90% of the time. Happy birthday to Elora!