Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dante, Wall-e and star charts

Just before the school holidays began last week, Dante had a massive tantrum at tennis class which involved the teacher coming to get me from Atti's swimming lessons... I was horrified, mortified and extremely cross. (We joke that he did a "John McEnroe").

I was so cross that I told him he WON'T be doing any fun things these holidays - he should have remembered that school was about to finish. He wasn't very happy with this outcome (that's putting it lightly!)

A few days later, when the holidays actually began, he started to pester to go and see some movies etc. "Aha!" we told him. "Remember what happened on Wednesday? When you screamed at your teacher at tennis? Remember what we said?" More crying, whinging and complaining ensued. Until we decided that he could earn the privilege of seeing the film instead.

So Dante sat down and created a star chart for himself:

25 stamps per movie. It was his idea to divide up the page and add the index for ease of use. I thought it was really nicely done. He has been incredibly well behaved since this came into action, with only the occasional lapse. It's quite amazing to see how good he can be when he wants to!

Yesterday we finally got to see Wall-E, the latest delightful offering from Pixar. (Trailer can be seen here).

What can I say? I'm glad Dante earned his stamps so quickly. This was the most entertaining film I have seen in a long time. I don't often laugh out loud but I found myself doing it several times during this movie! I loved Wall-E's collection of human "artifacts" (including the singing fish!) and the unstoppable pet cockroach. The titular character was incredibly charming and cute.

Of course, as is typical with kids' films, the "message" was jammed down our throats but I didn't mind as it's one I've always cared about... "Save the environment!"

Anyway, I highly recommend it to all, not just those with kids. Don't be late or you'll miss the short film beforehand. 4 and a half stars!

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