Thursday, October 09, 2008

Atti at the park

D: Atti, what are you playing?
A: I'm playing "Cross and Knockers".

Dan took this video a couple of weeks ago while he was at the park with the kids. It was so cute that I couldn't not share it!

We had a quiet day at home today, the kids and I. We did pop out for lunch - my parents took us to the RSL club for lunch (which was a good and bad idea...). Naps after lunch (including me and excepting Dante who played on the PS2 instead). Made a cake to take to work tomorrow - the same Blueberry Butter cake I made for Atti's birthday this year, and also attempted a couple of months ago which really bombed... I didn't blog about it at the time but I should have. It looked terrible, the texture was thick and chewy, but it tasted okay! (We all had a great laugh about it... especially me, utterly embarrassed about it all.) This is the third time around. Still not as happy with the look of it but we'll see what happens when we cut it open tomorrow. Hopefully I will redeem myself.

P.S. Does anyone else adore Ewan McGregor as much as I do? Currently listening to him on the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. What a voice!

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