Tuesday, October 21, 2008


My friend Gina died last night. I found out this morning when I got to work. She'd been sick for a while - had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about 18 months ago and had been fighting it ever since. Not a bad innings for that particular disease but devastating news nonetheless.

She was only 33 - my age. Her daughter just turned two. She was the most beautiful, bubbly, friendly person you could ever know. We got on the instant we met.

I last saw her a couple of weeks ago after she was sent home from the hospital. The cancer had spread to her stomach and she couldn't eat any more. But she seemed like she wasn't too bad that day. I know she made a great effort for our visit. I sort of got my hopes up that things may miraculously resolve, but I think we all knew deep down that she didn't have much time left. We just didn't want to say it.

Two weeks later and she has gone. A wonderful part of this world has been taken away too soon and I can't help but feel that it is ridiculously unfair. I wish I'd been able to do more for her - been to see her more often. But, well, I don't know what there is to say now. I just hope she knew how much she meant to me.

I'll miss you, Gina.

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