Friday, October 10, 2008

Popular pub

As I mentioned earlier, our dear friends Tancred and Evelyn have been home for three weeks and are going back to Edinburgh tomorrow. They asked everyone to come to the pub after work today as a "final farewell".

So, we went, of course. How could we not?

It was great going to the pub - it's been ages since we were last there. And how popular did I feel?? :) Not only were there the twenty or so of us, but another two separate groups of people I knew - a few parents from child care and a group from work!

The pub (the Duck and Swan - isn't it a great name?) has a great beer garden and restaurant and kids are welcome. They have great kids' meals for $5 (anything on the menu in a smaller size!) and happy hour from 5:30 - 7pm each weekday.

We had a nice time. It was so cute watching Atti and Elora share their meal. Atti was so good at making sure that Elora had a constant supply of chips :) I even had a beer. We couldn't stay too long as the kids started turning into pumpkins but it was a great early evening out.

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