Saturday, October 04, 2008


The day started off unhappily with the 19 month old howling blue murder at 4:30 in the morning (I got back to bed 45 minutes later - too tired to stay up, unlike the previous day). Then just an hour later the 3.75 year old came into our room needing help with his pants. Time to get up, and I was so very tired.

If you recall from my last post, tired Jen = cranky Jen. Not a good start with a seven year old who is whingey, sullen and argumentative when he is tired (and he was this morning).

After some time (10 o'clock!) I decided a nap was very much in order. I kicked Dan out of bed (Elora, amazingly, slept in until 11:30am today!) and was virtually asleep by the time my head hit the pillow.

A good hour and a half later, it was like a different person emerged from my bed. Cheery, energised (but still in need of a cup of tea) and calm. I'm worse than a toddler, it seems! Or perhaps I've just absorbed the trait from hanging around them so much. (The trait of being terribly moody depending on whether I'm tired or not.)

Gave Elora her Rice Bubbles just before midday (which she immediately followed with lunch) and then my mother and I went to a card-making party hosted by my mother-in-law... something like a tupperware party but a bit more interactive. It was pleasant enough - I refrained from looking too closely at the catalogue for fear of getting spendy, but succumbed in the end and got a set of mini alphabet stamps. I'll show you when I get them!

The evening wasn't too bad when I got home - after dinner we (all five of us) played Hide and Seek around the house... the kids had a grand time. Atti and Elora haven't quite got the concept of "being found" - rather they jump out with a "Boo!" when you finish counting - but the house rang with laughter, running and squealing and it was nice.

A quick cat nap while waiting for Elora to stop protesting about being put to bed, and I suddenly had enough energy to start building some Lego! I bought the set for Dan yesterday at lunch time but liked the look of it so much I cracked it open. He didn't mind that I was taking over his Christmas present. I guess it's mine now! I'll take a progress shot tomorrow. (I didn't finish - it's a big set!)

Well, this is a mighty boring, narrative post. No pictures. No interesting tales. It will be better next time, okay?

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