Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My cards

On Saturday I went to a card-making party with my ma which my mother-in-law organised.

It was like a Tupperware party - a nice lady called Angela came and demonstrated how to make them, provided pre-cut pieces, stamps, ink, glue etc. and 10 of us sat down and made them (adding our own touches if we liked). It was fairly entertaining... actually, I rather enjoyed doing it. The cards weren't perfect and the hardware was quite expensive (she sells the paraphernalia for it afterwards, which is where she makes the money), but it was good doing something creative... as you probably know by now, I do enjoy my craft stuff!

As I mentioned the other day, I tried very hard not to look too closely at the catalogues with their pretty pictures and inspiring ideas. But in the end I did have a quick look and ended up getting a set of alphabet stamps. Me and my alphabet stamps. I'm getting quite a collection these days!

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