Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is permanent?

I went to work today and my folks looked after Atti. I was a bit reluctant to leave him - it's tiring looking after him when he's running a fever. The worry of another convulsion is exhausting. But the stress of thinking about my ever increasing piles of work was also making me weary, so I went to work. I dropped Dante off at school in the morning and, he cried. He's been going for two weeks, each day full of enthusiasm and joy. For some reason this morning he just wouldn't let me go and wailed and whimpered. It was a little puzzling that this would happen so far into the term. But then someone at work suggested that the tiredness is finally catching up with him, as well as the fact that this new "school" thing is actually permanent and he won't be going back to child care.

He was fine in the afternoon when I picked him up, though. And Atticus was much better, too. Things are looking up.

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