Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday party for a seven year old

Yesterday we went to the birthday party of Dante's school friend, Ewan. It was held at one of those playgym places in enormous industrial warehouses, teeming with children and absolutely deafening. I don't know how the staff survive it. My ears were certainly ringing afterwards.

Anyway, we had a great time. A brilliant idea for a party - the food and drink is organised by the place, who take the kids into a room for lunch and cake. No need to worry about cleaning up afterwards, or entertaining the kids.

Even though the party was for Dante's friend, Atticus was included and had a terrific time! Ewan asked him to sit next to him, and he was well looked after by Ewan's older sister (aged 8) and another of Dante's friends, Luke. Ewan's mother remarked that he was the best behaved child there! He just sat down, happily watching all the other kids and eating everything on his plate (fairy bread, mini hot dogs, chips, chicken nuggets and three jugs of cordial).

Afterwards, they spent who knows how long playing in the giant play gym, ball room, jumping castle and slide. It was fun. Atti is such a great climber! We had to climb in and drag him out at the end of the day, poor kid.

The picture above is of Atti coming down the slide with Luke. Oh what fun they had!

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