Monday, July 02, 2007

The crying, it never ends.

Oh, man, what a day. The two younger kids have both been sick with some respiratory virus - Atti's been out of sorts of over a week and Elora has a nasty cough and runny nose. And, of course, when a child is sick they want their mother! Not their grandmother! Not their grandfather! Not their brother! Not their father! Ack! All that times two!

I think the worst thing about parenting is when your child is ill. Atti woke up one night last week with a roaring fever and the shakes and I'm sure he would have had another convulsion if he wasn't on the medication. I had a very anxious night that night. Another night Elora just would NOT go down to sleep in her bed. She was happy to sleep in my arms but every time I lay her down she'd start coughing and crying until I picked her up and rocked her back to sleep (which took quite a while each time). In the end I just gave up trying and spent the entire night sitting upright in bed, somewhat sleeping. Argh. So I was exhausted AND anxious AND stressed. Hooray!


Shanathalas said...

Sorry to hear the kids have been sick. It awful when you're sick yourself, but its so painful to have a child all sniffly and coughing. I hope they're all better soon.

Aesthetic said...

I so relate to this just now.