Thursday, July 19, 2007

Negative money

Wow, Dan and I just worked out that next year when I go back to work full time, with two kids in long day care full time, I will actually be earning negative money*. That's right. I'll be working seven hours and twenty-two minutes a day, five days a week, and it will be costing us more than I earn! Ridiculous!

We will have to work out what to do about this. Hopefully my folks will be able to help. Plus with a combination of leave and RDOs we should be able to cover looking after the kids. Why do we do it?? Is it worth it? Of course not! But we have no choice. Atticus will hopefully go to pre-school the year after next so it is only for one year. My work demanded that I return full-time but maybe I'll be able to negotiate something after a few months back. And then there's the career change idea which I am still thinking about, and getting keener on each week.

* Well, that's after taking out the home loan repayments... so technically not actually negative...

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