Thursday, July 26, 2007

Immersed in others' lives

I've been reading lots of blogs of creative crafty people* lately, as I've mentioned a couple of times before... Something I like to do when I find one that I like is to go into their archives and start from the very beginning. Sometimes that's easy as they only go back a year or so, but other times they go back several years and it takes me a lot longer to get through it all.

What I like about it, though, is that I become immersed in the author's life, reading post after post. I don't have to wait in suspense to find out "what happens next". What I don't like is that once I'm completely up to date I then have to wait in suspense.

Heh. But then I go and find someone else's life to peer into and the immersion begins again. Thank goodness for Google Reader so that I can keep up to date with all these blogs!

* So many of these creative crafty people are stay-at-home mothers, it seems. I wonder why? Mothering, crafting (quilting) and blogging go together well, apparently!

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