Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I made it myself!

Can you believe it? I actually made something! I've been thinking about making some little girl dresses like this for a while... even before Elora came along. They are so simple and I love them.

I finished this one last night. Cut it out last week. Sewed it together the other night and then took two evenings to do the blanket stitch edging by hand (don't get much time to do things that require two hands). It looks wonky in the picture, but that's just because I couldn't get the coathanger to sit straight. It's actually pretty symmetrical (except for the button holes). Gotta love polar fleece - no hemming required!

I love the buttons which I bought for this... unfortunately I made a mistake when I was cutting it and the buttons sit just to the rear of the shoulders (you can't see them from the front). I've adjusted the pattern so this won't happen again (that's what I get for ad-libbing instead of trying to plan it properly... thank goodness my mother-in-law told me to draw a pattern of it before I sewed it together).

Elora will wear it to my nieces' double christening this Saturday. I'll post of pic of her modeling it then!


m said...

Thats gorgeous Jen, well done!


Aesthetic said...

I admire anyone who sews, I can barely sew a button back on.

Jen said...

Thanks guys! And Aesthetic, you may not be able to sew that well, but you more than make up for it with your photography :) You, too, M.

Wish I had the artistic eye that you have!