Friday, July 06, 2007

Cold, soapy and wet

This morning Dante called out to me, "Mama, the tap's not working!" and we duly noted that indeed, there was something wrong with it - the water was coming out very slowly.

Nevertheless, we continued getting ready to go out for an early lunch (Dan had taken the day off work). I quickly hopped into the shower. The water here was also not coming out as strongly as usual, but it was hot so I carried on lathering myself with soap.

And then suddenly there was no more water. I turned the taps both fully open but nothing came out. "Bugger!" I cried. Then, more urgently, "DAN! THERE'S NO WATER!"

He came running and I sent him to get the jug which hopefully was full. It was, but I hadn't boiled it yet today and it was cold. He was grinning like a fool as he helped me rinse off, shivering and cranky.

Turns out that I should have paid more attention to the big digger truck on the street out front, as well as the crunching, digging noises. The water board decided to finally fix the leak that my father reported two months ago!

Grrr. I was SO mad. They could have least told us that they were about to turn off the water. It ended up being off for five hours! It was lucky that we'd planned to go out otherwise it would have been an interesting day with all of us at home and no toilets or handwashing facilities... something you desperately need with young kids.

Notes to self: Keep spare bottles of water for occasions such as this. Don't shower when there are workmen digging up the road.

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