Monday, July 16, 2007

Quilt pictures on Flickr

In the last week or so I have discovered that there are a billion blogs out there of crafty women at home with kids... I've just spent most of last week reading about the life of AmandaJean in America who is amazingly prolific with her sewing and has three kids (two boys and a baby girl) to boot! I adore the things she has made... wish I was as organised and creative as she is. I've also found countless other crafty-type blogs and can't wait to catch up on them. I'll soon make a list and link to them on the right there...

Anyway, I found out about her through a flickr photo pool which I have been trawling through. Wow, there are some incredible things out there. I've got a tonne of new favourites - so I can use them for inspiration one day when I have more time to sew! Here is a selection... Aren't they terrific?

1. For Jane, 2. May flowers top, 3. raspberry and sherbet quilt, 4. Emilia's quilt blowing in the wind, 5. plain spoken 6, 6. Handkerchief Corners Quilt, 7. cass front, 8. a pampered path, 9. Rufus Platypus, 10. Square Quilt, 11. Baby Quilt Finished!!, 12. finished!, 13. Buncha Squares Quilt - Front, 14. Wonky Quilt, 15. Peachy Keen, 16. baby square quilt, 17. quilt pics 017, 18. Baby blankie 2, 19. sun dappled work in progress, 20. mums quilt, 21. _MG_2298rawsave.jpg, 22. baby's 2nd quilt, 23. fresh cut quilt 002, 24. asian windows quilt top, 25. not plain spoken

P.S. It's the last day of school holidays today. Dante goes back to school tomorrow. Yay! Maybe I'll have a chance to get organised and start working on more things now. I'm definitely going to try, in any case.

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