Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Two weeks of entertaining Dante

I forgot to mention before that it is now school holiday time! Two weeks of having Dante at home...

Actually, no, I'm not that stupid. With a combination of Grandma, Auntie Bec, Vacation Care and Dan taking time off work, I've only got him at home alone for two days! Woot! Genius!

Today was one of those days. I have to say it went really well. I was so pleased with him. He's getting better as he gets older. He entertained himself most of the morning with books and the playstation (while I caught up on sleep). Then we went out for the afternoon to run some errands - took Elora to the doctor (just an upper respiratory thing. Her chest is clear, thank goodness. But what a nasty cough she has!), got petrol, bought groceries. Dante was helpful the entire time. He got a little restless, but who doesn't when your mother won't let you buy EVERYTHING that you've seen advertised on TV or looks vaguely interesting... Actually, I was absolutely delighted in the breakfast cereal aisle when he walked past the Coco-Pops, saying "No, we can't have those. They're bad for you."

Then he had a piano lesson (last Saturday's one clashed with soccer) which he did really well in (but still needs to practise more! Who doesn't?) and then straight to soccer training. Have I said this before? He's doing so much better this year with a smaller team (six players only), more patient coaches and being a little bit older. He really gets in there and gives it a good try. They haven't won many of their matches, but they do their best each week and that's so important at this age.

Anyway, the next time I've got him at home, Atticus will be here too. Should make for interesting times. Hopefully my folks will be able to help me. They're planning another overseas trip soon - argh!

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