Saturday, July 21, 2007

Daily chores - spot the baby

Huh. Did I say "daily" chores? This is a week's worth of washing (maybe more... I can't remember anymore) that has been building up and waiting to be folded. Things have been so crazy around here (and I've been so lazy) that this is what it has come to. Ack.

Anyway, we did an unclutterer thing today. Apple hosted a computer recycling day and so we filled up our car and my brother's station wagon with old machines, printers and monitors that were collecting dust around the house and got rid of them! It was such a great feeling to clear out the mess, but sad to be throwing out our old friends... including an LC which Dan remembers he bought for a real bargain at $500 a long time ago. The people at the drop off point were delighted to see us pull up in our convoy of three cars (my sister-in-law was in the third car with their two girls).

Afterwards we had lunch together at the food court of the shopping centre (the drop off was in the car park) and I couldn't help notice the "Aren't they cute" looks we got from random people while we sat and ate. I think it was mostly directed at Atticus and Abigail, the two two-and-a-half year olds sitting across from each other at the table. Awww...

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wulf said...

All I keep thinking is "Is she machine washable?" ;)

Thats an incredibly cute picture :)