Saturday, July 07, 2007

Land of the Merlion

I noticed in the logs that I'm getting some visitors from Singapore (as well as lots of other countries around the world...) Hi, all of you!

Singapore is the country overseas that I have visited the most in my life. My father comes from there and two of his brothers stayed there (three siblings moved here to Sydney). Every time we go overseas we try to make sure we have a stopover in Singapore. I love going there. Dan loves the shopping - specifically, the Lego. We were there once for the Great Singapore Sale and he "saved" a lot of money... but we had to buy another bag to fit all our stuff!

My folks are planning another trip there soon. I wish we could go, too. I'm hoping that we can save up and go next year instead, although it may be difficult since we'll have two kids in childcare, eating up almost all of my wage.

I can't think of what my favourite part of Singapore is. I like the touristy stuff, like Jurong Bird Park and the Night Safari at the Zoo (if you've never been, I heartily recommend the latter - it was fantastic!) But I think, being half-Singaporean, I have to say that I cannot go past the food. Specifically, the Hainanese Chicken Rice (so much better in S'pore than in Hainan itself). My favourite place to go was on East Coast Road in Katong around the corner from my Uncle's place. Yum. And don't get me started on Satay Club...

Tomorrow is my niece Charlotte's "Man Yue" (Mandarin equivalent of "Mun Yit" - one month old celebration) and my brother and sister-in-law are taking us out to dinner at one of the best Singaporean restaurants in Sydney, or so it's said, Temasek in Parramatta. Should be good!

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