Wednesday, May 24, 2006

At the moment...

Currently reading:
  • Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte) - Wish I'd read it years ago. Started reading it because of "The Eyre Affair". It's really rather good (I haven't been able to put it down).

  • The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde) - paused a quarter of the way through (-ish) while I finish "Jane Eyre".

  • The God of Small Things (Arundhati Roy) - Started this just before I went to China and then my brother started reading it while we were there - he finished it in three days. I am about a third of the way through. Slow going.

  • Renegades of Pern (Anne McCaffrey) - Every now and then I need some easy-to-read Fantasy (as opposed to really-hard-to-read Fantasy (like Stephen Donaldson)).

  • Memoirs of a Geisha (Arthur Golden) - Saw the film on the plane from Hong Kong.

  • Nerds FC - Very funny, and all the more so because we can relate really well to the guys on the team (plus know a bunch of them indirectly).

  • Grey's Anatomy - Can't get enough of Patrick Dempsey.

  • Scrubs (season 1) - Actually, we finished the Season last night. On to Season 2, I guess!

Listening to:
  • The Juliana Hatfield Three

  • William Orbit

  • Gladiator soundtrack

Hmm... I really ought to finish one book before I start the next one. There are at least three more unfinished books in my bedside table. And isn't the interweb a wonderful thing - we rarely watch actual TV anymore... it's much better downloading them and watching them at our own leisure (read "after the kids have gone to bed"). Plus we get to watch stuff that hasn't been shown in Australia).


Shannon said...

Jane Eyre is one of my favourite books.

Have been meaning to read memoirs of a geisha for years.

I just never seem to have enough time to read.

Karen said...

Ooh, I've read God of Small Things and Memoirs. Both excellent.
Haven't read Jane Eyre... will add it to my Must Read List :)