Saturday, May 20, 2006

Soccer champions

We are about 7 or 8 weeks into the soccer season now and our team is doing really well. We lost that first match but since then we've won everything, with a minimum margin of 5 points (only once has the other team scored against us, and the greatest margin was 8-nil last week). We have a few kids on the team who really know what they're doing, and what the game is about... some great soccer names, too: Emilio, Antoine, Dante. (plus other more mundane names - Alex, Luke, Annie, Nathan etc.) I should note that Dante is NOT one of the kids that knows what he's doing. He's one of the kids who DOESN'T know what he is doing. But at least he tries, every now and then! We're having a few problems with his enthusiasm for the sport, but we'll keep persevering and see how things pan out.

We just got home from a match (which we won, but I'm not sure by how many - their goalie was pretty good!) - Dante spent more time on the field and we only had to yell at him to "Stand up!" once during that time. Not too bad, I guess. Atticus had a great time running around in the park - he always does! He's a real "outdoors" boy, that one. Hates coming back inside.

Anyway, I saw the cutest thing. A goth couple with their two pale blonde little girls. The elder one (who was about to play goalie) was wearing all black but then changed into her yellow and blue uniform. The younger daughter was dressed very prettily and distinctively non-gothy in pink, pink, pink. I've always wondered what would happen when goths bred - and there you go. Pale blonde kids also dressed in black (except for the pink)... heh!

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