Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Soccer cereal!

I forgot to mention what I found at the supermarket last night - I think I was too freaked out by the cockroach. Anyway, I was amazed to find Official FIFA World Cup Breakfast Cereal! It even had a holographic logo and everything. Since our friend Tancred is a huge football fan, and he and Evelyn are going overseas (specifically to Germany, for some big thing) I decided to buy a packet as a going away gift. Unfortunately, Dante discovered it and begged to have it for breakfast this morning, "to help me play soccer this afternoon", so I relented and opened the packet... anything to get him more enthusiastic about the sport!

The cereal is made up of little balls, some of which reveal soccer ball markings when you add milk... oooh! I think they are sickly sweet, though, being made by Nestle (ack - I hate buying their products). Anyway, did a search of the wonderful interweb and found this blog entry which really does away with any need for me to take my own pictures!

Sorry for eating your present, Tancred.

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