Saturday, May 06, 2006

A house with three levels

We had a very quiet Anzac Day last week - didn't go out, didn't go to any parades... just sat around the house recovering from my trip away.

Dante decided that he wanted to build "a house with three levels".
"What?" I said, "How are you going to do that?"
"With cardboard and sticky-tape," he replied.

And at that he ran into the kitchen to the Craft Supplies box and came back with just those things. And proceeded to cut shapes for walls and roofs, which wasn't too easy with his blunt little scissors vs fairly strong cardboard. He requested assistance with taping them together, which I happily gave. I was so impressed at his continued enthusiasm, persistence and creativity! He also decorated each section as we went, writing his name and the names of his friends on the back walls.

Once the main structure was built, he quickly ran off and came back with empty yoghurt containers "to be the people". He knew that ordinary textas would rub off them so put together faces from tape and cardboard. Then he realised that there were no stairs, so he rigged up a lift (with help from us for the string).

The final creation is very "Dr Seuss" in my opinion, and also very cool. I'm so very proud of Dante for making this, completely using his own initiative.


wulf said...

Wow, thats amazingly cool jen. Has he still got the house?

Jen said...

Yep, not going to throw that one away... he has even played with it a couple of times, using his little "yoghurt cup" people...