Sunday, May 21, 2006

Music for kiddies

We took the boys to see the Toddler's Proms this morning. It featured the Symphonic Wind Orchestra (part of the Sydney Youth Orchestra) and went for about an hour.

It was pretty fun! They played some well known pieces: Sesame Street theme, The Muppet Show theme, songs from The Sound of Music, and some other stuff. The kids (and some parents) sat on mats on the floor and some bopped, some cried and some chatted away. As kids do. The show was designed for 2-7 year olds and quite interactive. The Orchestra was made up of kids, too, but bigger kids - teenagers, I think. I thought it was great that they used the Youth Orchestra - makes the music more accessible to the littlies.

Dante enjoyed it, although lost concentration and attention throughout the show (but all the kids were like that). The conductor/presenter handled the interruptions exceptionally and everyone had lots of fun. At the end they allowed us to wander up close to the instruments - some kids got to hit the big drums. Dante was won over by the saxophonist playing the theme tune of The Simpsons, and a trumpeter who played the Star Wars theme. heheh. Atticus was won over by his box of sultanas.

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