Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Late night supermarket shopping part II

Went grocery shopping again tonight... this is becoming a regular thing, I think. Go and get petrol and do the shopping while I'm out. Except, I could not believe the price of petrol tonight! This morning it was only 132.9c/L (only! I can't believe it's even that expensive) but then tonight it had gone up by 13c. Yep, that's right. 145.9c/L. Is there anywhere else in the world where they pay as much as we do for fuel?

Anyway, as I was saying, I went to the supermarket. Just your pretty average evening... but with entertainment! In the form of a couple of men who obviously have never shopped without their wives/girlfriends before. They had a list. One looked like he was wearing his pyjama pants. And they seemed to going down the aisles at almost the same pace as I was - we just kept bumping into each other. They were having a fair amount of trouble. Kept asking all the staff where things were, WHAT things were...

First man: "Noodles? Where are the noodles?"
Staff: "The next aisle."
Second man: "Oh right, over here. Hey, man, what kind did she want?"
1: "What do you mean, what kind? Just noodles, man." Gets out his mobile phone and dials a number. "Hey, what kind of noodles do you want? There's all different types here.... Hokkan? Hokain? Hokkien? What's that?"
2: "What the...? Here, man. Found 'em."

And so on. Every time I passed them they were either begging a staff member to stay and do their shopping for them, or talking on the phone. I think they must have done all right by the end, though. Well, at least their trolley was full!

The next group that came in to amuse me were a bunch of young guys, talking and laughing loudly. They had baskets full of snacks (chips, biscuits, lollies) and thought the frozen peas were the funniest things around. Methinks they might have been just a wee bit stoned.

And so my opinion of late night shopping has risen again after my last bad experience,. I did end up spending way more than I meant to, but I think that was because I was distracted by watching the funny people. Will try again in a week or two and let you know how it goes!

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Tancred said...

I am paying €1.29 at the moment in Deutschland. Thats about AUD$2.23 per litre