Friday, May 26, 2006

Lazy day at home

I didn't go to work today... spent half the night with a splitting headache and trying to stop a runny nose. blargh.

So I've had a nice relaxing day at home, doing nothing much at all. Well, I did put on a couple of loads of washing (man, that was a lot of socks). Thought about attacking the dishes, but haven't summed up the energy for that one yet. Watched some tele. Not actual tele. Computer tele. Programs that we've downloaded. It's much better this way - no ads. I discovered that there was a new episode of Grey's Anatomy, so quickly downloaded it, expecting it to take several hours to come down. One hour later it was here! And I watched it! It's very naughty of me - I should have waited for Dan... but I couldn't resist. The last few episodes have been very suspenseful. People shouldn't be allowed to make TV programs like that - making you desperate to watch the next episode (or read the next book, either).

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