Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Late night supermarket shopping

I like doing my grocery shopping late at night. There are plenty of car spaces to park in. There are lots of trolleys, some of which actually work! There are no crowds, and no crowds equals no queues (although there are less registers open). It was all going so well tonight... I was there with my mother, the men were at home, the trolley was full, the list was checked off.

And then I got the strangest feeling on my right leg. It felt like I had a safety pin on the inside of my pants - something poking me but not sharp like a needle. I stopped and pulled up the leg of my pants... and was horrified to see a massive 3cm long cockroach on my leg! Yeeuck! I tried to brush it off, but it just crawled higher and got caught up in the fabric bunched up around my knee. I tried very hard not to panic and calmly and quickly scratched around until I finally managed to flick it off onto the floor.

The lady in the aisle with us let out a bit of a shriek and my most wonderful mother took firm action and squashed it straight away. It's dark green guts splattered all over the place and we quickly cleared out of there. Paid our bill and left. What an end to the evening! I still feel icky.

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