Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Atti's second hair cut

Almost two weeks ago now we finally did what I've been putting off for months. The discovery of nits in Atti's hair (but not Dante's, surprisingly) meant that we had to go snip, snip, snip and trim it back, especially since he hates having his hair washed.

Unfortunately I didn't make the discovery until well after dinner so we had to get my father to do a quick job with the clippers. Atti was a wonderful sport. I guess he enjoyed the attention.

And afterwards he was delighted with his new look! We couldn't believe how different he looked - so grown up and so much more like Dante!

It's the end of an era, I know. It will probably be much easier to keep his hair this length now. The curliness of his hair means that it sits just nicely upon his head even with that pesky double crown.

I just hope now that we don't have to do the same with Elora!


Shanathalas said...

Oh noes, all those beautiful locks!

Atti sure does look like his big brother with the shorn look.

mariannealice said...

I love the hairdo - and especially the expression! What a handsome boy you have(I'd say cute but boys don't seem to like being called cute...)
Nits.Ugh.I get an itchy head everytime we get a note home from school letting us know there is an outbreak.Ever since someone told me that they prefer clean hair I have made a point of not washing the girls hair as much.They think it's great....