Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Miso soup for lunch

When I spent six weeks in Japan back in 1989/90, I had miso soup for breakfast every morning, along with dried seaweed and rice. I hated it. I couldn't wait to get home and have plain old toast!

And now how my tastes have changed! My favourite lunch of late is a cup of instant miso soup from the sushi place. $2. Warms me up and fills my tummy. Beauty.

P.S. That's my messy office in the background. We are in the process of getting a shiny new office but first comes the horrid packing up and moving part. But the good news is that we might be moved in a week! Sure beats the scheduled date of the 24th.


Jaime said...

No, don't change your office, I have some many good memories of coming by and seeing the mess. If you change offices, it'll be a new mess the next time I see it.

wongcr said...

Jaime said it - your office has it's quirky touches, nothing beats IT support rooms with that lovely 70's exposed brick, asbestos piping, server racks whirring away, freezing then steaming air conditioning, laughter and roars of anger, strange sounds from the labs next door, ever stranger smells, groans and creaks in the walls .. aarrggghhh (&%&*%&#&$!!!
(chris stomps off scene bubbling with insane giggling)