Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great singing, Dante! Apparently.

Tonight our school Junior Choir (of which Dante is a member) performed at a "Primary Proms" concert hosted by the Department of Education.

After a busy day at work (we are moving offices on Friday!) I had to pick up the other two kids, take them to Dan who was in a meeting from 5-6pm, get back to my parents' car which I drove in earlier with Dante, then drive out to woop woop for this concert in peak hour traffic. Ack. I didn't leave work until 6:30pm and it took a good hour or more to get to the venue (and the concert began at 7pm!).

I managed to get there without any dramas (due to intense map study and lots of advice from work colleagues) but when I went inside I found out that I had missed Dante's performance! (Sorry, kiddo - I'm guessing you'll read this one day and find out that I fibbed about it!) I was so annoyed. All that money and trouble so I could sit there and watch other people's kids.

Afterwards I got a quick run down from another parent and then gushed to Dante about how well he did. All was good until he started quizzing me in the car. "Where were you sitting? I couldn't see you. Did you think <insert part of performance> was funny? What about <insert another part of performance>? I was looking for you in the audience, Mama." I really thought I was going to get caught out but managed to divert the interrogation, pleading driving concentration.

The rest of the concert that I saw was all right. A few really talented kids doing solo acts. A teenage flautist, a 10 year old cellist and a 17 year old singer singing her own composition - very rock. She'll be one to keep an eye out for. Her name is Meriana Gyory. Very quirky and Australian. I loved the lyrics to her song.

I can't get you out of my head.
You're a telepathic stalker.

Anyway, that's me done for the day.

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Danzilla said...

Fear not! Murray (one of the parents at school) recorded it, and handed out some DVDs this morning of the performance. He realized a bunch of parents had tried to get there and missed it.