Saturday, September 13, 2008

Family gathering success!

Had the Memorial Mass and lunch afterwards for my eldest brother today. What a huge success! My mother did such a fabulous job of organising it all. My sister-in-laws outdid themselves helping with the food. The children were gorgeous, amazingly well behaved during the long church service, and very cute during the offertory procession walking down the aisle with my mother. Wish I'd taken a picture of Elora with her bouquet of flowers. So cute!

The turnout was terrific. So many of my brother's work colleagues and a couple of school friends. Just lovely.

And the weather today could be described as "summer-like". 28°C apparently!

We got home and I was wrecked. Elora napped in my arms so she wouldn't go to bed but Atticus and I did. Ah, even after falling asleep at 9pm last night I was still tired this afternoon.

And the worst part? Or perhaps the best part... it's only Saturday! I am so exhausted and there's still one more day of the weekend to go! Will definitely take myself to the doctor on Monday.

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