Monday, September 22, 2008

iPod love

I've had my iPod Touch for just over two months now, and I have to say, I love the damn thing.

I haven't installed a tonne of apps like my dear husband, but the essentials are all I need to make me happy. Mail, Safari and Weather are my most frequently used programs. Music gets used a bit as well, but I'm yet to put my own stuff on it - it's still full of Dan's music from when he went to the US in June.

At home I carry my iPod with me everywhere! I love being able to read my RSS feeds (using Google Reader: Mobile) while I'm watching the kids in the bath, or anywhere in the house (using our wireless network). Dan and I use an app called "Zenbe Lists" for our shopping list now - the list is stored online and our iPod/iPhones sync with the server so we can both access it. So useful and handy!

A couple of months ago I won a blog giveaway and I used the wonderful sock wool that I won to knit myself an iSock, copying the design of Rose Red Shoes, a Sydney craft blogger. I love my iSock. Proud of it, I am! My brother was so impressed that he asked me to knit one for his mp3 player, too :)

Fleece Artist sea wool sock yarn in Blackberry, 2.5mm circular needle
Cast on 44 stitches using Magic Cast-on.

Knit in 2x2 rib in the round (like a sock - I used the Magic Loop method) until desired length is reached.
Knit 37 more stitches in rib (not quite one round).
Back side: cast off 7st;
Front side: cast off 22st.
Back side again: cast off 7 st; (8 st remaining)

Knit in Moss stitch (k1, p1 first row; p1, k1 next row; repeat) or Garter stitch (knit all stitches) on the remaining 8 stitches until 2cm before desired length of flap.
Make button hole: K2 (in pattern), cast off 4st, K2 (in pattern). Next row: K2 (in pattern), cast on 4st, k2 (in pattern). (Cast off less stitches if your button is smaller, cast off more if it's bigger, but I wouldn't recommend anything too big).
Continue for another centimetre.
Cast off.

Sew on your button in the appropriate position, making sure that you test your iSock with your iPod in it. It's skinny and longer without the iPod in it.

Enjoy your newly protected (and warm and cosy) iPod!

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