Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pilgrim's plague

That's what they're calling this bunch of nasty viruses that are going around at the moment, and what has knocked us around for the last few weeks. Apparently when Sydney was descended upon for World Youth Day, the visitors not only brought their rosary beads with them. Lots of new germs came, too.

I write this because Elora is sick yet again. She only just went back to child care and she's home again ill. Ack! Perhaps she never fully recovered in the first place and I took her back to child care too soon. But the poor little thing has gunky eyes (but not conjunctivitis according to my parents' doctor) and a raging fever. Last night after her bath she got a serious case of the shivers (with almost 40°C temp) and I had to just hug her tight until she stopped. Oh, so sad.

Well, they say that it's good for her - building up her immune system! Got to look at the bright side of all this :)

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