Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Lorien!

My niece turned 3 last week but since we had the big Memorial Mass, her birthday party was put off until today. Not a big affair, just the family and a few extra friends (so only about 40 people!).

My sister-in-law sent an email around asking everyone to pray for sunshine. Well, that's some praying power there, as it turned out to be 33°C today, sunny and windy.

But the party went on anyway. We set up the kiddie paddling pool. There was doughnuts-on-strings eating, a jumping castle, a pink pig pinata, pass the parcel, and food aplenty.

The kids had a brilliant time. Atti and Lori started partying from when he woke up at 7:30 this morning (we went next door for breakfast where the birthday girl and her family had slept over). He ate non-stop from when the party food was first brought out at 10:30am. Rice crackers, cheese, frankfurts, and especially the watermelon. He sat himself down at the table and got stuck into it.

Elora was terrified of the pool for some reason. Kept her legs held up in a very comical fashion when we tried to put her in it. But otherwise she happily spent half the party sitting on a chair with a cup of juice and a bowl of (at various times) doughnut, bread, sausage and cucumbers.

A very satisfactory party, conveniently held next door!

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